Equine Science New Zealand - Vitafloor Report

Equine Science New Zealand - Vitafloor Report


Report on Vitafloor usage by Equine Science New Zealand for the 2023/24


 Complied by I B Baker

 Title: The Therapeutic Benefits of Vitafloor Usage in Equine Management

 Vitafloor is an innovative product designed for equine therapy that harnesses the science of whole-body vibration therapy (WBVT). This technology, originating from human rehabilitation practices, has been adapted for use in veterinary medicine, particularly for horses. The Vitafloor system provides a controlled vibration platform where horses can stand and receive the benefits of subtle, rhythmic oscillations transmitted through their body. These vibrations are believed to stimulate blood circulation, enhance bone density, promote muscle development, and improve overall animal welfare. The scientific premise of Vitafloor is grounded in the physiological response of the body to these mechanical stimuli, which can lead to improved health and performance in equines.


One of the primary areas where Vitafloor shows significant promise is in hoof health. The hooves of horses are subject to continuous stress and are pivotal for their overall well-being. Peer-reviewed literature has indicated that WBVT, as provided by Vitafloor, can improve hoof growth and quality. The increased circulation attributed to the vibrational therapy aids in nutrient delivery and waste removal at the hoof level. A study published in the "Journal of Equine Veterinary Science" demonstrated that horses subjected to regular sessions on a vibration platform exhibited an improvement in hoof wall thickness and digital cushioning, which are critical for soundness and shock absorption.

The benefits of Vitafloor extend to the skeletal system, particularly in the enhancement of bone density and health. Vibrational therapy has been researched for its osteogenic effects, which refers to the formation of bone. Studies, such as those found in the "Equine Veterinary Journal," have reported that the mechanical loading produced by vibration platforms like Vitafloor can stimulate bone-forming cells (osteoblasts) and increase the deposition of minerals, leading to stronger bones. This is particularly beneficial for horses recovering from bone injuries or those in confined rest, where the lack of movement could otherwise result in bone demineralization and weakness.

In addition to hoof and bone health, Vitafloor provides significant advantages for muscle conditioning and rehabilitation. The vibrations generated by the platform engage a variety of muscle fibres, promoting tone and strength without the need for intense physical exertion. This is especially beneficial for horses that may be unable to exercise due to injury or illness. According to a publication in the "American Journal of Veterinary Research," the use of WBVT has been associated with increased muscle mass and improved muscle symmetry in horses. The gentle yet effective stimulation also facilitates recovery by enhancing blood flow to the muscles, reducing stiffness, and increasing flexibility.


Vitafloor represents a confluence of advanced science and practical application in equine therapy. By leveraging the principles of WBVT, it offers a non-invasive means to support and improve hoof health, bone density, and muscle function. The peer-reviewed literature provides a strong foundation for the continued use and investigation of Vitafloor as an integral component of modern equine care practices. As with any therapeutic intervention, it is essential for equine professionals to consider individual horse needs and consult with experts to maximise the benefits of Vitafloor usage.

Equine Science New Zealand has found all the above benefits by including Vitafloor in our training programmes. Our team of Exercise Physiology consultants is available to prospective buyers for advice and to create plans for the best utilisation of Vitafloor.

The successful implementation of Vitafloor into an equine training program heralds a new era of comprehensive and integrative approaches to horse conditioning and rehabilitation. By leveraging the scientifically supported benefits of whole-body vibration therapy, equine caretakers can augment traditional training methods, thus fostering an environment where horses can thrive both in terms of health and performance. The non-invasive nature of Vitafloor makes it a particularly attractive option for maintaining and enhancing hoof health, stimulating bone growth, and supporting muscular development—all critical facets that contribute to an equine athlete's success.

Careful consideration must be given to the timing and frequency of Vitafloor sessions to synergise with the horse's existing training schedule. This integration should be designed to prevent interference with peak performance periods while still delivering the therapeutic advantages necessary for recovery and conditioning. By strategically implementing Vitafloor sessions, trainers can help prevent injury by maintaining a high level of musculoskeletal health, which is especially crucial for equines facing the rigorous demands of competitive sport. 

During periods of injury, Vitafloor can serve as an invaluable tool for rehabilitation. It offers a form of exercise that maintains conditioning without imposing undue stress on healing structures, thereby promoting a faster and more complete recovery. The controlled vibrations can help to keep muscles toned and circulation optimised when traditional exercise is not possible, enabling a smoother transition back to regular training post-recovery.

Furthermore, the psychological benefits for horses undergoing Vitafloor therapy should not be overlooked. The soothing effect of the vibrations can reduce stress and enhance the overall well-being of the horse, which is essential for maintaining focus and performance during training and competition.

For these reasons, equine professionals are encouraged to consider Vitafloor as a complement to their current training and health management protocols. By doing so, they ensure a holistic approach to equine care, one that addresses the physical and psychological needs of the horse. To maximize the potential of Vitafloor, it is advisable to work alongside a team of knowledgeable veterinarians and equine therapists to tailor the therapy to each horse's individual requirements, thus paving the way for a new standard in equine athletic care and management. With ongoing monitoring and adjustments based on the horse's response to therapy, Vitafloor can be an essential component of a cutting-edge, evidence-based training program that supports the highest levels of equine achievement.











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