Vitafloor Stall Unit

Vitafloor Stall Unit


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The Vitafloor® Equine Vibrating Floor System is a non-invasive, low impact and high performing therapy that is easy to integrate into the daily routine of horses and provides a range of benefits including increased circulation, improved bone density hoof growth and the relief of joint and muscle soreness.

The built in models can be made to match the specific measurements of your stall, grooming area or horse trailer.  These models also have an option for an integrated tilt mechanism that gently tilts the sides of the vibrating floor at regular intervals thereby activating the muscles of the animal to provide an increased effect.

Research Studies:

Vitafloor and Hoof Growth

Vitafloor and Chronic Lameness

Vitafloor and symmetry of the m.multifidus of the thoracolumbar spine in the horse

Vitafloor saves a stallions life - testimonial

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